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Vyapam fails to convince central India; exclusive with Madhya Pradeh Home Minister

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dscn0263\n\nStruck by ?Vyapam? mania created by the media in Delhi, decided to stroll and probe but found the state of Madhya Pradesh as creating a better place for people in Urban and Rural areas.\n\nFor a journalist keen to explore this media mania the best answer is given by a taxi-driver.  Do you know what is ?vyapam?, and the driver says, ?Is mein naya kya hai sir? Hamare mulk mein yeh pehli baar nahi ho raha hai na. Kuch aur isse bada kand ho jayega tab log isko bhool jayenge, kis Pradesh mein ghotala nahi hota , Shivraji ne hamare liye bahut kuch kiya hai?, Chander as the name read on his khaki clad badge. \n\nUnable to resist the spirit of respect in the eyes of people for the ruling Chief Minister (CM) and know the state better, met ministers.\n\nOn a Sunday morning, ceaseless downpour tore apart life in the city of lakes but failed to shake the spirit of a leader known as the ?Buldozer? of the Bharatiya Janta Party(BJP)  in Madhya Pradesh, for him the day continues to be like any other day and battle. Calm, composed humours , and very modest is one of the senior most minister of  BJP in Madhya Pradesh, Babulal Gaur Yadav, currently, Home and Jail minister of this state spent valuable time with our (POLITICALMIRROR (PM)) National Political Bureau Chief, Pathikrit Chakraborty  at his official residence in Bhopal and spoke at length with humility and passion. Here is an excerpt from the chat:\n\nPM:Throw light on the transformation of MP from BIMARU to ?Vikas Pradesh??\n\nYadav: Shoots the answer immediately with smile , and began to tell the sad tale of MP during the days of the then CM Digvijay Singh of the Congress, in his regime this state got bad reputation of being a BIMARU land because of erratic power supply, pot-holed roads, government officers were not getting timely salaries and the farmers were dying a slow death. The people then brought the BJP to power first Uma was given the chance, then I was given the chance to lead and it was I who began the bugle of development in MP, which is now carried forward by Shivraj Singh Chouhan , and finally becoming a ?vikas pradesh?.\n\nPM: What were your plans as the CM which lead to development in MP?\n\nYadav: Pat comes the reply, first of all we decided to auction the liquor licenses in groups which was done by the previous regime as separately. In groups no bribe or extra money or any other way of money influencing could be used to get a shop pass. We managed to save a sum of Rs300-400 cr by doing this. Then we approached the central government to help us with capital in our schemes. We installed a water turbine to generate electricity for Rs 8,000cr.  Then we started our master-plan of ?Gokul gram Yojna? for villages and ?Ayodhya basti Yojna? for cities, under this scheme a three-tier system of money was collected by the Local leader, then the MLA and further the MP. Each respective member from the village and the city would contribute and a sum of Rs 2 lakh was collected to improve roads, build schools and power-supply to places. This worked both in the city and villages. Around 30,000 government jobs were given by us to people.\n\nPM: You are a very senior leader from the state what if shivraj has to quit due to raging controversy, and your chances as the next CM?\n\nYadav: Looks with attention pauses then answers it is the wish of the party. It is all a part of politics, and no senior or junior promotion like the govt system happens in politics. That?s why Uma Bharti was made CM and after her I became the CM and similarly was asked to quit too. On the other hand, nothing like such would happen to Shivraj currently. On the lighter vein he believes in fate as the real decider of making a king or pauper.\n\nYadav: Is RSS a political outfit its role in churning out the politics of MP?\n\nGaurji: No, RSS is the cultural wing of the party, it is responsible for integration unity of the people. It is very different from the BJP. Our work is very separate, people know it well.\n\nPM: Tel l us about your friendship with Mulayam singh Yadav ?\n\nYadav: Yes, it is true we share a very good rapport. Mulayam is a socialist leader to the core and works for the people. He was very happy when I became the CM of MP. He also invited me during his son?s wedding this year.\n\nPM: A political leader whom you idolize the most in life?\n\nYadav: Strongly voiced , Shri Kushabhau Thakre, because he laid the foundation of the BJP in Madhya Pradesh at a time when the Congress was ruling it.\n\nFor more from this interview read our upcoming magazine

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